Our Mission:

We strive to provide quality technology to amplify your mission. Our service is affordable and responsive. We especially believe in small businesses, non-profit organizations, and agents of social justice.

Photo credit: Lorenz Angelo

Meet Klein:

Ever since I was 12 I have held the conviction that computer programming can fix society’s problems. I have several years of experience putting this into practice: as an activist, elected official, volunteer on a presidential campaign tech team, and an undergraduate researcher. Ultimately, I want to make the world a much more equitable place to live for my community. My name is Klein, a kid from East Oakland and a Cognitive Science graduate from UC Berkeley. I enjoy building apps that make a difference.

Email Klein: klieu@intechional.com

Meet Anais:

I’m a writer, graphic designer, political organizer, UC Berkeley grad, and web developer. My day job is in progressive student organizing where I do everything from building online and social media tools for promoting our cause to preparing students for radio interviews and planning conferences. I train student leaders to communicate change on their college campuses across California. I want to help your project move its online profile forward – because recruiting patrons to your mission starts with spreading your message to the world.

Email Anais: alavoie@intechional.com